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University of Bradford Faculty of Management and Law

Alumni in London
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 Welcome to University of Bradford Faculty of Management and Law Alumni in London  

Alumni Profile

London Alumni of the Leading Faculty of Management and Law in the UK. The members of the University of Bradford Faculty of Management and Law Alumni in London come from a variety of corporate and academic backgrounds.


They are united in their efforts to provide a dynamic and vibrant environment in which fellow professionals can share and draw from a common pool of knowledge and experience.


Bradford University Publications Regularly Feature the Alumni in London.



Bradford University Faculty of Management and Law is internationally renowned for: MBA, Accelerated MBA, DBA, Doctoral Programs, MA, MSc, Law, Undergraduate in Management, Undergraduate in Law, Distance Learning, and for Executive Management Education.


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London Events 

The Bradford Management Alumni in London meet regularly both formally for events, and informally for general networking.


Please contact us to register for mailings, or to express interest in supporting and organising the program of events in London.



Alumni Events

Circular Economy:


At HSBC HQ Canary Wharf, London


The circular economy is a systematic and coherent framework for re-thinking future business and economic growth in relation to the availability and access to strategic resources, materials and energy that underpin our economies.


The Panel discussed and debated re-thinking business practices, supply chains and business model.

This event has already taken place.


University of Bradford Faculty of Management and Law  offers a comprehensive range of programs in Business, Management and Law. The School is located in an environment which offers considerable benefit over business schools in London and elsewhere in the UK.


Please visit Bradford University School of Management website for more details.



Kate Swann Installed as Chancellor

University of Bradford

February 2016: Kate Swann, CEO SSP Group and Member of the International Advisory Board at the University of Bradford Faculty of Management and Law, has been installed as Chancellor of the University of Bradford.



 School Reputation

World top 10 FT Ranking for Distance MBA.

World No.1 for Career Development.
World No.2 for value for money.


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Business, Management and Law

Bradford University Faculty of Management and Law is a World Class Education Centre of Excellence and benefits from a Global Alumni network.



Bradford University Faculty of Management and Law Alumni in London

Bradford University Faculty of Management and Law Alumni in London facilitates communication between members for knowledge, business networking and for the purpose of identifying and exploiting new business relationships and opportunities. The Alumni in London is open to all postgraduate and undergraduate alumni of Bradford School of Management. This incudes MBA, DBA, PhD, BA, BSc, Law and Other Masters. The Alumni organises a regular series of events - both speaker events and social. To join or to make an enquiry please Contact Us 


Established since 1963, Bradford Faculty of Management and Law is one of the longest established university-based business schools and offers programs of management education from undergraduate through MBA to PhD level. Bradford University Faculty of Management and Law website