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Recent Keynote Events: Bradford University Faculty of Management and Law Alumni in London
Keynote Event:
Neuroscience in Business: Working With the Brain in Mind - Christopher Samsa 

A Neuroscience approach to Connecting, Learning and Inspiring!


With phrases like neuroplasticity now part of everyday language, what else can we learn from neuroscience that can help us as coaches in our everyday working lives and all human interactions? Many recent discoveries about the brain are providing hard evidence for how and why a more flexible approach to coaching is needed in the 21st century especially during turbulent times. Knowing that positive thought leads to positive behavioural change, what can neuroscience teach us to help both us and our clients succeed in making positive changes leading to long-term fulfilment? Can understanding our brains contribute to more creative thinking, solution focus and better decision making? 

Keynote Event:
Game Master: Achieving Competitive Advantage Using Custom Built Team Business Games, by Ken Thompson

A high energy event which covered the benefits of using business games for different leadership development activities. Ken offered 15 key principles for effective business game design, and debunked some dangerous myths - such as the required complexity and user interface sophistication needed for successful business games.


Ken shared and demonstrated a number of real business games developed for major enterprises and concluded the session by facilitating the audience to play against each other competitively in a number of online business team games.

Keynote Event:
'Pitch Perfect' by Dr Stephen Baker of STRI Limited.
A riveting evening about the real story of sport and business, of seat edge gripping stuff, and of exceptional and some-times dangerous international business realities.

The story about business where millions globally are watching and where it has to be ‘Pitch Perfect’.



Dr Stephen Baker

Stephen joined STRI in 1980 and is now Head of Soils and Sports Surface Science.

He has co-ordinated research projects for most of the governing bodies of sports in the United Kingdom including the R&A for golf, the Football Association and Football League, the Rugby Football League and Rugby Union, the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Jockey Club and the British Greyhound Racing Board.

Stephen has produced over 250 scientific, technical and popular publications and three books dealing with sands, rootzone materials and golf green management.


See STRI Website



He lectures extensively, including recent conferences presentations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

Dr Baker is a director and historian of the International Turfgrass Society and received the National Turfgrass Foundation Research Award in 2004. .


The buzz words are hollowcoring, top-dressing, divot, mow and roll.

This is the untold story of the Olympics, of FIFA and the South Africa World Cup, of Brazil 2014, of Wimbledon, Ukraine, dead bodies, and of British and Irish Politics. And more.

The event was a riveting evening on one of the outstanding examples of successful commercial application of innovation and research and about the real story of sport and business, of seat edge gripping stuff and of exceptional and some-times dangerous international business realities.

Keynote Event:
Identity and Privacy, and the on-going battle with the new world of social media.
This event featured two outstanding thought leaders, Tony Fish and David Chan - both graduates of Bradford School of Management MBA Program

Tony Fish

Today’s reality is that you leave tiny digital traces of where you have been, when and how often, using what device, and with whom, each and every time you interact with technologyTony discussed Identity, Privacy in the Digital Age - particularly in respect to personal branding and Social Media


Tony is an entrepreneur, author and investor specialising in mobile and the web. An accomplished speaker, visionary and strategist, he holds global recognition and is in the top 10 of The Observer and Guardian newspaper's 'Future 500 rising stars'. With over twenty years of professional delivery capability with leading brands, high growth companies and in venture capital, Tony brings board level executive experience crossing digital, web, telecoms, mobile and TV. He has a truly innovative flair and is known for delivery, clear decision making, simple no-nonsense attitude, robust financial views, dealing with complexity and governance controls.


 Tony is on the board of Personal Data EcoSystem. His latest book is My Digital Footprint*: a two sided business model where your privacy will be someone else's business. Tony has previously co-authored two books on mobile and innovation: "Mobile Web 2.0: the innovators guide to developing and marketing next generation wireless/mobile applications", August 2006; and "OpenGardens, the innovators guide to mobile data industry", December 2004. * See also Kindle Version of My Digital Footprint


David Chan

David focused his discussion to talk about the future role of the Information Leader. He introduced a conceptual framework to help people to think about information in enterprises and will talk about how to reposition the role of the CIO


David is Director, the Centre for Information Leadership, City University London. He is an experienced Chief Information Officer (CIO) and former Head of Business Systems at the BBC. He has held board-level IT directorship and management consultancy roles across several industry sectors, including financial services, central and local government, media, new media and utilities. He has also held positions at Razorfish, Provident Financial and Coopers & Lybrand, and has consulted with Lloyd's of London, Prudential, Barclays and the Civil Service.

David has always had an interest in educating and developing the next generation of CIOs believing strongly that Information Leaders are under-represented in the national debate and that there needs to be stronger links between academia and business. The interdisciplinary focus of the Centre for Information Leadership allows for the development of the interdependant relationships that are needed to transform the national debate. David has written a book 'Dingoes and Marsupial Lions' - an imaginative instruction manual on how to build and sustain a profitable business based on Communities of Interest. In his view, you cannot practice without theory and you cannot theorise without practice

Keynote Event:
Failure, Survival or Success?
April 2012
Speaker: Dr Sarah Dixon, Dean of Bradford University chool of Management
'Strategic Adaptation to Environmental Turbulence'. What will determine whether your organisation will fail, survive or succeed?

Sarah's talk was based on her research on the Russian oil industry and on two Western multinationals in the high tech sector. The talk explored how organisations need to develop the dynamic capabilities required to adapt to environmental turbulence. Sarah addressed how companies should allocate resources to ensure sufficient attention is paid to innovation and the creation of new business pathways, whilst maintaining and enhancing the current business.

Sarah became Dean at Bradford in September 2010. Her academic interests are strategy and organisational change with the themes of dynamic capabilities, organisational learning and innovation. Sarah's academic career started in 2002 at Kingston and then Bath University. Her previous business career at Royal Dutch Shell Group included petrochemicals business management in Vienna and Moscow and later positions in strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions in London. Sarah moved into business consulting first as Director of the strategy consultancy, Albany Dixon Ltd and then as Director of Kingston Strategy Consulting.


Keynote Event:

'Energy Shift' 
February 2012


Dr Yanos Michopoulos
Vice President Vestas Wind Systems S.A. & Member of the
School Advisory Board.
A man you would want as a non-Exec on your Board! Yanos gave an engaging talk on his
career, managing in a Global Economy, and the management challenges of an emerging sector (wind energy). The common theme and 'take-away' was very much around 'less is more'.
Yanos has developed his career and leadership with a focused management and strategic style that has avoided padding out management and decision-making. His report to the Greek Transport Minister on the Greek Railways, for example, was just one single page. Short, clear and actionable with no distractions. No room for misinterpretation. An approach that many companies and executive management would do well to adopt.
Vestas is the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the World, with manufacturing operations in Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Romania, Britain, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Australia, China, and the United States, and employs more than 20,000 people globally. The company achieved (EUR) €6 billion in revenues in 2011.

Keynote Event:

Customer Centric Selling

November 2011



Paul Cooper


Lessons for success from the front line in Sales Management.



Paul Cooper is a graduate of Bradford School of Management. He has an outstanding record in leading significant revenue growth, particularly for early stage and medium sized software companies.


Paul has worked with some of the technology sector's largest and best brands including Xerox, Dell, IBM, Toshiba and Kingston Communications.


He is currently MD at Nalpeiron and Sales Director at Rosslyn Analytics



Keynote Event:

EDGE - Taking Talent to the Limit

June 2011



Richard Cross


'the paradox, magic, and tightrope of success and survival


What makes a champion and how does the sports elite compare to super-achievers in other fields? How can we best apply inspiration from sporting success and elite performers to enhance individual potential at work, radically boost business performance, and address global talent risks?


What makes a champion and how does the sports elite compare to super-achievers in other fields? How can we best apply inspiration from sporting success and elite performers to:

 - enhance individual potential at work;

 - radically boost business performance;

 - address global talent risks

Systematically looking at elite performers through the lens of a state of the art personality profile, Richard Cross presented unique scientific insight into what sets the best and the rest apart. Identifying how the Invictus spirit of sport unleashes entrepreneurial talent.


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